What is Vecta?

Vecta is a cloud-based, CAD capable, real time diagramming tool for collaborative teams.

Designed for teams, Vecta comes with a dashboard that lets you easily create teams based on your organization or projects, with fine grain access control over who has view and edit access, even for individual drawings on a team. Vecta’s powerful editor is powered by SVG, and supports real-time collaboration, plus a growing library of reusable symbols.

You can signup for a free account here (which comes with some pretty neat features).

Tell me more about CAD please?

CAD means Computer Aided Design, and CAD capable drawing tools like Vecta lets you draw and export drawings in high precision with ease.

Building CAD standards right into Vecta is an obvious choice for us from the start. It allows our users to extend Vecta’s ability and flexibility to draw pixel-perfect, beautiful diagrams through an open API, regardless if they are technically oriented or otherwise.

Vecta reminds me of good o’ Visio...

Truth be told, we love Visio and have been building applications on top of Visio for more than a decade. It has come a long way and is constantly growing with more and more features. This is where things get a little complicated; and we find that we were striving for a modern cloud based tool that would let us collaborate in real time easily, but didn’t find that in Visio.

Vecta is a new breed of diagramming tool that combines the best of all worlds:

We focus on building Vecta as the diagramming tool for teams and projects of collaborative nature. We believe Visio will continue serving needs for many, just like Vecta would for collaborative teams around the world.

Is Vecta free?

Yes, it is! Vecta offers a freemium package which offers more compared to competitors and does not have restrictive limits.

Is Vecta for me?

Absolutely! We believe some form of collaboration exists behind every successful project, including yours. Collaboration brings diverse experience, perspective and knowledge to the table. So we designed Vecta to advocate for collaboration and we are certain of its many benefits.

Need more convincing? Vecta account is free, sign up now with Google.

If you have question about using Vecta, please refer to our self-help centre.

You can also reach us via our feedback form.