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Collaborate on a drawing

Synced progress

Collaborate with your peers as you watch them draw in the same drawing wherever they are in real time. The latest updates in your drawing is always synced across all browser tabs. As you draw, Vecta saves your progress locally and syncs your work with our servers once you go online. No progress is lost even if you go offline momentarily.

Changes are synced across all tabs
Changes are synced across all tabs

Chat with your teammates

Leave a message in the drawing's built-in chat box. To view the chat box, click View at the top of your editor and choose Show chat box. You can hide the chat box by closing it directly, or go to the View menu again, and select Hide chat box.

A sound will play if you have the drawing opened when a message is received. You can turn the sound notification off in the Preferences dialog.

You can use emojis when you chat with your teammates! Access our emojis by clicking on the smiley icon, or use emoji shortcuts. (E.g. Type :grinning: into the text area and press Enter. A grinning smiley will appear in your reply.) In the emoji dropdown, hover over each emoji to see it's shortcut.

Vecta stores up to 50 messages per drawing. Older messages are removed to make way for newer messages once the limit is reached.

View online collaborators

You can see who is online on the same drawing as you by clicking on Profile icon next to the notification bell icon. A sound will play if the drawing is opened when another Vecta user enters the drawing. The sound notification can be turned off in the Preferences dialog.

The list only shows logged in Vecta users currently on the same drawing. Public viewers are not shown, nor will it trigger a sound notification.

Last updated September 11, 2018