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Export Vecta shapes and drawing

Select shapes or drawing

You can export your drawing's content in different image formats. Vecta supports exporting to JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG. You can choose between exporting the drawing itself, or a group of shapes only.

Available export options. Exporting is only possible in the editor, and through the Export menu
Available export options. Exporting is only possible in the editor, and through the Export menu
  • To export the entire drawing, do not select any shapes in your drawing and choose an export option. This method only captures shapes placed in your page. Anything placed outside of your page (E.g. gray canvas) is ignored. The orientation of your page is always honored as well.
  • To export a group of shapes, select the shapes, then choose an export option. This method allows you to export whichever shapes wherever it is, be it on the page or outside of it as long as it is selected.

Both methods are applicable to all export options except custom data as TSV.


You can choose the size of your exported JPG or PNG image.

Pick the size you need
Pick the size you need
  • 96 dpi is the recommended size for web-only images.
  • 180 dpi is double the recommended ratio for a sharper and crisp image.
  • 300 dpi is best used for printing.
  • @1x is the original size of the image, @2x is twice the original size and so forth.

If none of the size above suits your need, choose the upscaled sizes instead.

If you choose to export as PNG, you can choose between having an opaque (#fff) background in your exported image, or a transparent one. This choice is not available if you export as JPG.


All exported PDF will always have an opaque (#fff) background, and is always at 300 dpi. These settings are fixed and can't be changed.


This export option works differently from the rasterized image options. You can view the SVG text content immediately upon selecting the export option, along with a few options that enhances your exported SVG experience. Starting from the left:

  • Precision dropdown decides the number of decimal places to round off for every sizes available (E.g. transformation, path commands, etc). For example, choosing 0 will remove the decimal points entirely, while choosing 2 will leave 2 decimal places in the sizes.
  • Remove CDATA removes Vecta's default global styling from the SVG image. Checking this option may cause your exported SVG image to look different than the one in your editor. Only check it if you are familiar with SVG, or if you wish to add your own CDATA.
  • Compress SVG uses Nano's compression engine to further reduce the file size and embed fonts into your SVG content. Choose this option to ensure every fonts in this SVG is shown correctly even as a standalone SVG image. Check out this article to see what's going on during compression!

Click on the Download button to download the SVG image, or copy the text directly.

Custom data as TSV

Directly download TSV file type of your drawing
Directly download TSV file type of your drawing

This option exports the JSON data found in the page and the document as a TSV file.

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