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Access notifications sent to you by clicking on the notification bell icon at the top right of your editor or Dashboard. Find invitation links or notifications from your teams here.

Click on this notification bell icon to view your notifications
Click on this notification bell icon to view your notifications

Team-based notification

Actions by you or your teammates will send out notifications to all in the team through the notification bell icon. For example, actions such as deleting drawings or folders, leaving the team or new members joining the team. If you do not wish to receive these notifications, disable them in the Preferences dialog, under the Notification tab.

Access the Preferences dialog here in Dashboard
Access the Preferences dialog here in Dashboard

Slack Team Notification

You can integrate Vecta with Slack to send team notifications to your Slack team as well. Only team owners can access this feature. Follow these steps to begin the integration:

  • Go to the Dashboard, and click on Members. Click on Invite people, followed by Connect your team to a Slack channel.
  • A channel list dialog should appear next. The dialog will attempt to list all channels from Slack teams you have previously integrated before, or redirect you to request for permission from Slack. Follow the steps here and you should be redirected back to Vecta.
  • Access the channel list dialog again from the Dashboard, and you should be able to see the Slack team you have just integrated in the list. Select a channel here, and click OK. Now, all notifications from the team will also be shown in the selected Slack channel. Your Slack team members will receive invitation links to join the team in Vecta as well.

Once integrated, the Slack channel can be changed or removed from the team. Follow these steps:

  • To change the channel, click on Members, followed by Invite people. Then, click on Connect your team to a Slack channel. A confirmation dialog informing you of the Slack channel change you are about to do should appear next. Click OK on the confirmation dialog, and the channel list dialog will appear. Choose a new channel from the list and click OK to save your choice.
  • To remove the channel, click on Members and a list of members should appear. Scroll to the bottom of the list and you'll find the name of the selected Slack channel there. Click on X to remove the channel.

There are several things to take note of:

  • This integration is tied to the team, and is different from the Share to Slack integration.
  • You will continue to receive team notifications in Vecta even after integrating with Slack.
  • You can start the entire Slack integration flow even before you create a new team. Open up the New team dialog, and click on Invite your Slack channel.