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Using guides

What are guides?

Guides are lines extending from one end to the other end on your canvas. Guides are useful when you wish to align many shapes, or to use these extended lines as a ruler. Guides can be used vertically, or horizontally.

Manipulating guides

Create a guide by clicking on the ruler and drag downwards or to the right.

  • Create a horizontal guide by dragging downwards.
  • Create a vertical guide by dragging to the right.

Select a guide by clicking on it. A guide is always a blue, dashed line. Once selected, the guide will become red. You can only select 1 guide at a time.

Once selected, you can do 3 different actions to the guide;

  • Press the DELETE key to delete the selected guide.
  • Drag the selected guide to move it. You can drag it back to the originating ruler to delete it as well.
  • Use the directional keys to move the selected guide.
Delete the selected guide by dragging it back to the ruler
Delete the selected guide by dragging it back to the ruler

Attach shapes to guides

Shapes can be attached to the guide and moved around by moving the guide itself.

  • Select a shape, and drag it near a guide. 1 or more red box will appear on the blue selection box to denote that it is attachable.
  • Once attached, moving the guide will move the attached shapes as well.
  • To detach the shape from the guide, simply select the shape and drag it away from the guide.

Guides have several behaviors to take note of:

  • Attaching a shape to a guide can only be done by selecting the shape and dragging it towards a guide. Nudging the shape using the directional keys will not work.
  • You can attach only one shape to a guide at a time. To attach multiple shapes to a guide, please move them one by one towards the guide. However, you can detach multiple shapes from a guide by selecting many shapes and moving them away from the guide.
  • Grouping or ungrouping shapes will detach the shapes from the guide.
  • Sub shapes in a group cannot be attached to a guide. Only parent shapes and grouped shapes can be attached to a guide.

Hide and clear guides

You can toggle viewing or hiding guides through the View menu, and choosing Hide guides or Show guides. To remove all created guides, choose Clear guides.

Hide, show, remove guides
Hide, show, remove guides
Last updated September 11, 2018