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* Each beta tester is given ONE unique API key for a maximum of 500 SVG compression.


  • NPM
  • CLI
  • Gulp


npm install nanosvg


var Nano = require('nanosvg'),
    nano = new Nano({
                key: "YOUR API KEY",
                mode: "COMPRESSION MODE" // image mode = 0, object mode = 1

    // compress in bulk
    nano.compress('./*.svg', './compressed/').then(function () {
        console.log('Compression done');


npm install -g nanosvg


//Compress single file
nanosvg "./to-compress.svg" ./compressed/ --key "YOUR API KEY" --mode "COMPRESSION MODE"

//Compress using glob
nanosvg "./*.svg" ./compressed/ --key "YOUR API KEY" --mode "COMPRESSION MODE"


npm install gulp-nano


var gulp = require('gulp'),
    nano = require('gulp-nano');

    gulp.task('Compress SVG', function () {
        return gulp.src('./*.svg')
            .pipe(nano({ key: "YOUR API KEY", mode: "COMPRESSION MODE" }))

What's next?

  1. More than 10 SVG files compression on browser

  2. Plugins for other SVG editors and Wordpress

  3. Customize attributes to compress

Stay tuned!

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