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Jump right in to Vecta and start drawing. No installation, no tutorials required. The perfect solution for all kinds of visuals.

  • Diagrams & Flow Charts
  • Simple Graphics
  • Layout & Annotations
  • Wallpaper

"Vecta can be used for so many other things as well, so it is more worth it to learn plus it is quicker and intuitive. It boils down to ROI."

Richard Cross, Fulcrum UK

Be 50% More Productive with these Handy Features

Over 900 web fonts

Access to hundreds of families at Google fonts to ensure artistic flexibility.

Text outlining

Outline text to paths for superior portability and easy resizing.


Customizable layers to keep everything organized or tweak visibility.


Use guides to easily align and arrange shapes quickly.

Smart connectors

Connect shapes quickly with smart connectors.

Rich color palette

Includes linear and radial gradients, designed for amazing diagrams.

The Visual Go-to place for Awesome Teams

Share and reuse symbols with the team

Anyone can reuse team's symbols anytime to produce great visuals, without back and forth communication.

A single source of truth

One central place to manage project's assets, and keep everyone in the loop. Align the team by reducing miscommunication.

Keep up with your team's revisions

Every iteration is stored in your drawing, and you can roll back to previous versions with just a click.

Best for website graphics,
with a single step workflow

Responsive images

One SVG for all resolutions, from 720p to 4K screens. Draw in Vecta and embed SVG directly into your webpages. No more multiple resolutions PNGs!

Consistent images

What you see on your website is exactly what you see on Vecta's editor. No fonts issue, no blurry lines.

Lightweight & optimized images

Export compressed SVGs directly from Vecta, and reduce file size by 40% in average.*

*powered by Nano - The world's best SVG minifier

Power up with Plugins

Want to do amazing stunts at times, but don't want a clunky tool?
We got you covered.

Transpose shapes with plugin


Convert vertical shapes to horizontal and vice versa with just a click.

Material design icons

Material Design icons

Access to Material Design icons directly from your editor and use on your drawing.

Scatter snowflakes with plugin


Scatter your shapes around randomly to make a pretty background in seconds.

Draw Freely.
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