In Vecta, you can insert scripts and formulas into your drawings to automate tasks and drastically increase productivity. The following sections explains how Vecta is organized and how you can create your own formulas and scripts.

Understanding the coordinate system

Vecta's coordinate system always starts from the left top corner of the screen:

The unit used on the coordinate system is determined by the page's measurement unit.

Object model

Vecta's object model starts with Vecta.Document where Vecta.activeDoc will always returns the current active document or drawing.

A Vecta.Document object may contain one or more Vecta.Page object, where the current active page can be obtained using Vecta.activePage.

Each Vecta.Page object may contain Vecta.Shape object, essentially shapes on the page. Each Vecta.Shape object may contain child shapes or child Vecta.Shape object.