Meet Vecta's powerful SVG editor

Easily create complex shapes with advanced operations.

Advanced shape operations in Vecta including fragment, union, difference and intersect

Get creative and impress your audience with professional looking shapes, using advanced shape operations. Easily create complex shapes with fragment, union, difference, intersect, join and trim operations.

Your editor, personalized.

Customize your editor and get work done faster

Customized and advanced cloud SVG editor

Select your favorite font, colors or line styles and Vecta will save these preferences automatically, across all modern browsers and devices. Easily pick up from where you left off, and complete diagrams faster.

View and re-use recent colors

View and easily use recent colors in SVG editor

Vecta's advanced toolbar lets you easily view and apply your most recently used color plus opacity with just a single click, so you can re-use amazing colors quickly.

Consistent styling with Format Painter

Quickly apply styles to SVG editor with format painter

Single click on Format Painter lets you copy and paste favorite styles to any shape, while double clicks apply onto multiple shapes. Use Format Painter to quickly apply consistent styling throughout your diagrams.

Designed for both web and print.

Unlimited page sizing in Vecta

Unlimited page sizing

Vecta automatically serve the correct paper sizing based on your geographical location, be it A4 or Letter. In addition, you get to set your own unlimited page size, simply by clicking on page setup.

Use web or print units in Vecta including mm, inches and pixels

Units for both web and print

Whether you're designing for web or print, you get to set your own measurement units, including inches, millimeters or pixels. Draw your diagrams exactly the way you wanted, in true WYSIWYG.

Enjoy a maximum of 6400% zoom in Vecta's advanced SVG editor

Pixel perfect zooming

Easily zoom in to 6400% by using Ctrl + mouse wheel and be amazed at the level of precision in Vecta. It is perfect for getting all those pixels lined up properly for both websites and print.

View and edit shape properties, live!

When editing shapes, Shape Properties displays live values for width, height or angles, so you can easily modify them. It accepts expressions (e.g. 10mm * 3), so you can calculate and set shape dimensions accurately.

Easily set shapes to exact values with shape properties in Vecta
To access Shape Properties, click on View menu | Show Properties.

Get super productive with symbols and stencils

Created a shape that would be useful for your team? Simply save as symbols and automatically share with everyone, so your teammates do not have to re-draw over and over again. Get stuffs done faster by leveraging and consolidating the team's effort with team stencils.

Ever growing library of symbols in Vecta, and making symbols yourself is easy

Extensive symbols library

Ever growing library of symbols lets you complete diagrams quickly.

All symbols in Vecta are fully customizable and editable

Fully editable symbols

All symbols are fully editable and customizable, any way you want.

Team stencils let teams easily share symbols among members without the need to repeatedly create symbols

Shareable team stencils

Get more done with less, by leveraging on work done by teammates.

Effortless drawing with advanced tools.

Easily arrange shapes to front and back with Vecta

Arrange shapes easily

Easily arrange or stack your overlapping shapes front, forward, backward, or back.

Horizontal and vertical flip shapes in Vecta

Perfect symmetry with flipping

Get perfect symmetry every time by using shape or group flipping.

Easily connects and let your shapes stay connected in Vecta

Stay beautifully connected

Connectors let your shapes stay connected, even after moving, for extreme productivity.

Full support for major image formats.

Import images into Vecta with just a drag and drop, whether it is JPG, PNG, GIF or SVG. Exporting is just as simple, with full control over resolution, 96dpi, 180dpi or 300dpi, so your drawings can be used on all media.

Easily import and export of major image formats in Vecta

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