A well-designed Online SVG Editor lets your creativity shine. See how the most recent Vecta.io updates bring your work to life

August 09, 2022 ·  Sandra · How to Vecta

If you're an SVG enthusiast, you're probably already familiar with Vecta.io, an online SVG editor that includes a built-in SVG optimizer known as Nano. Not only does Vecta.io allows you to create pixel-perfect designs, but also offers extensive collaboration tools for effortless team communication.

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User-friendly keyboard shortcuts

December 17, 2020 ·  Thomas Yip

Shortcut keys are designed to assist users to achieve operations conveniently and effectively. Lots of complicated steps have been simplified to keep users efficient and productive.

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How to use fonts in SVG

May 15, 2020 ·  Thomas Yip · Web Design · Everything SVG

So you have an SVG with some text and would like them rendered with your selected fonts, how do you do that? Read on to find out more on how to use fonts in your SVG.

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Convert DXF to SVG with Nano and reduce file size by 90%

May 07, 2020 ·  Thomas Yip · Web Design · Everything SVG · How to Vecta

Do you have a need to let your users download a DWG or DXF? The problem is, users can't preview the contents until they download a file, and download a viewer. Plus you may have have several thousands of these CAD drawings. Wouldn't it be nice to show users the contents on your website with low file sizes? Now you can.

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The best way to make image maps (2020)

May 07, 2020 ·  Thomas Yip · Web Design · Everything SVG · How to Vecta

Do you have an image with 2 or more buttons that clicks to different destinations. Still using image maps with javascript plugins? Read more to find out how to create responsive image maps the easy way.

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Introducing SVG flattening for laser and vinyl cutting

October 08, 2019 ·  Thomas Yip · Everything SVG · How to Vecta

SVG editing for vinyl cutters and laser engravers just got much easier with Vecta's new feature - SVG Flattening. This feature is made possible with Vecta's user - John Robinson's feedback and input, thanks John!

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Empowering the future of education in science and technology with Nano

July 06, 2019 ·  Yi Qian · Success Stories · Everything SVG · Compressing SVG

When Phil wanted to inspire kids to indulge in the world of science and technology, he looked no further than to pique their interests with colorful stories in his online magazine at stargaze.science.

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5 Most common problems faced by SVG users

May 14, 2019 ·  Yi Qian · Web Design · Everything SVG

As SVG adoption increases 100% year-over-year, front end developers and designers like yourself will increasingly be expected to use more and more SVG in websites, all around the world.

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Revolutionizing and changing people's lives for the better with Nano

March 26, 2019 ·  Yi Qian · Success Stories · Everything SVG · Compressing SVG

Brusnika is one of the largest housing developers in Russia, building and selling over 5,000 apartments for Russian families annually. They redefined how low cost housing should look like, by introducing architectural and urban innovations that used to be found only in elite housing projects in central Moscow.

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Improving mobile page speed by 200% using SVG and Nano

March 09, 2019 ·  Thomas Yip · Web Design · Everything SVG · Compressing SVG

According to Google, your page should load within 3 seconds, otherwise 53% of mobile visitors would abandon your page. If it takes 6 seconds, the probability of bounce increases to 106%. In short, your website's performance has a direct correlation to your revenue.

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