Powerful, online SVG editor for teams

Creating, using and sharing vector graphics has never been easier

Fully extensible with Javascript based plugins

Create your own custom plugin to draw a fractal tree, or generate Bills of Materials with just a single click. Drop your data and have the software do all the drawings for you.

Small file sizes with built in SVG minifier

We built one of the world's best (22% smaller on average) SVG minifier at Nano, so you can be assured your SVG images will be very small in size, and works without losing fonts irrespective of how you embed them.

Built for precision

With multiple units, scaling and measurement tools, Vecta lets you create a wide range of amazing diagrams accurately in pixels, millimeters, centimeters or inches.

With 6400% zoom to ensure everything turns out pixel perfect

Import Autocad drawings, Visio stencils and drawings

Drag and drop Autocad drawings, Visio stencils and drawings into Vecta to edit them right away. Instantly share or reuse thousands of drawings and symbols.

Currently supports *.dwg,* .vsd and *.vss formats. More file formats support upcoming!

Powerful WYSIWYG Editor

Create sharp, pixel perfect SVG graphics with Vecta's powerful editor. At 100% zoom, what you see is exactly what you get when you output your images to various formats, including PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF.

Every image on this website is made with Vecta, and remains sharp on all devices while maintaining a small file size

Learn more about Vecta's powerful editor

Over 800 web fonts

Access to hundreds of families at Google fonts to ensure artistic flexibility.

Text outlining

Outline text to paths for superior portability and easy resizing.


Organize layers easily by customizing and tweaking its visibility.


Use guides to easily align and arrange shapes quickly.

Smart connectors

Connect shapes quickly with smart connectors.

Rich color palette

Includes linear and radial gradients, designed for amazing diagrams.

Attractive symbols and icons for all

Use and reuse thousands of beautiful symbols from sharable stencils, to produce amazing graphics the easy way. Create more symbols and share them with your team, for maximum productivity.

Learn more about symbols

Do more with less, using formulas and expressions

Easily create intelligent shapes that will expand to cater to more text, or change colors as you resize to indicate status. Better yet, use the formula painter to copy smart behaviours and apply it to another.

Advanced shape operations

Create amazing, professional shapes the easy way with fragment, union, difference, intersect, join and trim.

Work better, together

Extensive collaboration tools that enable you to communicate and work better with your team mates.

Learn more about Vecta's team features


Desktop and app notifications to keep you updated on what the team is doing

Team based dashboard

Automatically share drawing, symbols, plugins and templates with your team

Built in Chat

Real time chat to ensure smooth and effective communication

Slack integration

Communication with diagrams, in addition to words using Slack

Real time collaboration

Work better, faster with Vecta's real time collaborative editor

Get Started

Be inspired by what others have done in Vecta and innovate further.

Blueprint Design

Blueprint Design

Specification of Beverage Can

Hacker Classes

Hacker Classes

Infographic on types of hackers

SCRUM in Agile

SCRUM Process

Communicating Agile for team alignment

Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration

Template for Christmas greeting card

Surfing Waves

Surfing Waves

Gradient helps to add depth and dimension

Lake View

Lake View

Using blur effects

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