Vecta: Diagramming for teams

Diagramming for teams

Communicate effectively with beautiful, real-time collaborative diagrams

Experience it right away! Your team can see and collaborate in real-time as you draw.

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Get your teams organized

Easily share drawings with teams in Vecta

Keep everyone in the loop

Organize your teams by projects or departments. Created files and folders are automatically shared with team members.

Complete access control

Even within teams, you get 100% fine grain control over access. Choose who can view, edit and share, or completely hide files from others.

Real-time collaborative diagramming

Get your message across effectively in real-time, with colleagues, vendors or customers, irrespectively of where there are. Drawings are automatically saved in real-time, say goodbye to the save button.

Create amazing diagrams

Create beautiful, accurate diagrams easily in Vecta
Each grid division represents 0.5 pixels, at 3200% zoom

Measurement units for the real world

For digital or for print, Vecta lets you draw with the right measurement units, so you can create beautiful diagrams, quickly and easily.

CAD capable drawing board

Great for general diagrams, but get to sub pixel accuracy when you need to, with 12 decimal (targetted) precision.

Super sharp with no pixelation

All drawings are rendered in SVG, with smaller file sizes without incurring pixelation nor loss of details, even upon extreme zooming. Drawings can be exported to PNG and SVG, so you can embed them wherever you want.

Get really productive

Create, share and use symbols efficiently

Ever growing symbols library

Drag and drop symbols to create stunning diagrams that get your message across effectively. Pick one from our growing library, or easily create symbols yourself.

Reuse, reuse, reuse

Share symbols with everyone or just your teams, and have consistent designs across the entire company. Leverage on teamwork, to get things done quickly and productively.

Organize and share symbols swiftly via Stencils

Stencils let you group your Symbols based on category, project, team etc. Organize your Stencils and open only the ones you need for each Drawing to speed up your work.

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