Vecta: Diagramming for teams

Diagramming for teams

Real-time team diagramming with advanced SVG editor

Experience it right away! Your team can see and collaborate in real-time as you draw.

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Explain ideas and designs effectively with nice diagrams

A diagram is worth > 1k words

Easily create amazingly beautiful diagrams with
Vecta’s powerful SVG editor, whether it is your backend architecture, software flowchart or agile process.

Explain your ideas and designs effectively to your clients, team leads, or peers, with minimal effort.

Collaborate on diagrams to save time

Do much more, with less

Get more done by sharing drawings with your team and collaborate in real-time, be it local or remote.

Get feedback and reviews immediately, all without endless email correspondence and revised attachments, so you get to focus on work that matters most.

Share diagrams with team members easily with Teams

Teams: work better together

Organize your diagrams by projects or teams to get everyone in the loop.

Team members get notifications for updates, and diagrams created in teams are automatically shared with configurable permissions.

Team members can easily search for technical diagrams they needed and pick up from where you left off anytime.

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