In this beta phase, all of Vecta's features and functionalities will be free of charge. This is because, we are still figuring out usage patterns and are actively engaging our beta community for feedback to ensure we under promise and over deliver. Rest assured, our pricing will be very competitive and comparable to our competitors.

Freemium model

Beyond Beta, we are committed to operating with a freemium model, where paying customers will get access to more features.

What happens to my drawings and Stencils after Beta?

You will continue to have access to all your work (including Stencil) beyond Beta, including the ability to export your drawings to your local PC, even if you choose NOT to become a customer, as a basic user.

Are you sustainable?

Vecta is created by a company that is profitable and has been creating CAD software (Electra) for 13 years, for the likes of NASA, Amazon, Apple and many more. Therefore, we are sustainable for prolonged period of time, even after Beta.

How do we intend to make money?

We intend to offer a freemium model, with paid subscriptions.