Work better, together

Real-time, collaborative SVG editor

Vecta is an advanced real time collaborative SVG editor

Communicate clearly and effectively with Vecta's real time collaborative editor. Reduce meetings, back and forth emails and start working better, together. Did we mention it's great fun too?

Organize your teams, the way you want.

You get full access control over members, folders and files

Flexible team organization

Create teams based on company, projects or topics, and members automatically get access to all drawings, without requiring repetitive sharing.
You get full access control over members, folders and files

Full control over access

With full access control, you get to decide who can edit and share or view only. It works on teams, folders and even for individual drawings.
Easily share drawings through email or social media

Super easy sharing

Easily share your work, through emails or using a generated link with full access controls. Plus, an ever growing list of integrations, including major social media.

Stay in the loop with both in-app and desktop notifications

Keep track of your project using Vecta notifications

Stay informed of everything that is happening in your teams, with just a glance. Detect changes early, get stakeholders involved, and get things done right quickly.

Leverage on your team, with team stencils

Leverage on everyone's work with team stencils

Easily create symbols to be used and re-used by the entire team with team stencils. Get standardized symbols available to everyone in the company or project, without the need to draw them repeatedly.

Leverage on the artist in the team, to get amazing diagrams done easier, together.

Choose your own workflow

Easily move drawings to teams or personal dashboard in Vecta

Create a drawing on your personal dashboard and drag and drop to a team only when it's ready. Once moved, the drawing is automatically shared with the entire team, so they can be reviewed or approved.

Alternatively, create a drawing in the team, and let everyone know what you are working on, it's your call.

Your personalized dashboard

Personalise dashboard experience to enhance productivity

In Vecta, each users' dashboard is personalized and customized for your productivity. Drawings that are edited by you will appear at the top, and those edited by others at the bottom. Each user's view is different to ensure the drawings that matters to you are easily within reach.

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