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Radica's Team

We are a small world-class team with little bureaucracy.

At Radica Software, we practice a connected working culture. Everyone in our team is able to share their ideas and work together to achieve a goal as there are no doors between us, literally. Guided by Radica’s founding principles, we work through great lengths to ensure our products are of high quality - even if it means doing things in less common ways.

Working in Radica Software

International Interative

International Markets

We're among the very few startup in Malaysia serving international markets (eg., US, UK, AUS etc.), having users from more than 174 countries. Owning the capability and experiences in building a world-class software; Electra used by NASA, Apple, Bombardier and many more

Working Enviroment

Innovation and Growth at Work

High quality work is not an option, but a requirement to bring real impact to our users. With our core focus on user's satisfaction, it drives us to constantly to innovate and challenge the norm, which in return accelerates our team growth (including yours!).

Company Travelling

Smart & Growing Team Setting

We are a team that admires braininess and rejects politics. We intend to keep it that way: zero bulls**t, only maximum flexibility and transparency for smart engineers to work together and change the world.


I love the culture here despite the ever-changing team settings.

Radica's culture makes the best synergy out of personal growth and the company's growth, striving to achieve win-win for both parties.
Narenthira Rao
Narenthira Rao
Software Developer
There are too many things that I learned while working in this company.

The best part of my experience is that I not only learned how to prepare myself for a real working environment or how to be a good programmer but I also learned about life on how to make myself better.
Intern - Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis
One of the most meaningful lessons out of all the meaningful lessons I’ve learnt at Radica is that “it’s not all about programming. It’s problem-solving.
Intern - Universiti Teknologi Petronas
I learned the importance of designing before we code. Back in university, design and code quality were not evaluated and we usually skipped the design process and wrote codes that were hard to understand, buggy, and difficult to maintain.

I’m very excited and motivated to do great work in Vecta, knowing that the features I build are used by people from all over the world.
Chong Wei Luo
Chong Wei Luo
Software Developer
The internship at Radica Software provided me with my most valuable work experience so far. At Radica, I gained entry-level web programming skills.

Furthermore, it made me realize the amount of work and effort required to become and keep being a proficient web programmer.

I am grateful to have the chance to do my internship at a startup such as Vecta and be a part of a team of humbled but self-assured professionals.
Intern - Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Sweden
This internship grows me a lot especially on the way I think - do not fear of failure, keep trying, learn from mistakes and always improve problem-solving skills.

It is a precious experience and most importantly it pushes me to progress forward. Thanks to Thomas and the team for taking me as one of the interns.
Intern - Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Current Job Openings

Forget about your resume and academic results. We're looking for individuals who are creative, have can-do attitude and most of all, someone who loves challenges and solving problems!

Software Engineer Internship

Internship is the students' first touchpoint in the industry and working environment. We ensure our interns have an amazing and fruitful journey in the internship program. Grow yourself exponentially in terms of programming, soft skills and others.

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5 Stages For Us to Understand You

Step 1 : Application Form

After submitting your application form(it may take a while), we will get back to you within 1 week via email. This is to benchmark your technical skills.

Step 2 : Interview

We'll schedule a virtual interview to get to know you better.

Step 3 : A day at the office

Once shortlisted, you'll be invited to spend a day in our office for a chat and write some codes. No worries, lunch is on us!

Step 4 : Result / Offer

You'll be notified on your application results within 7 working days. Please check your inbox for email.

Step 5 : Welcome aboard

Congratulations, we can't wait for you to be part of the team! Looking forward to your first day joining us. BETA