See what's new in Vecta!

  • You can now add Categories to your stencils.
  • Improved building of indexes so that deletions are much faster.
  • Improved loading pages when not in editor to be faster
  • Fixed import of svg when percentages are used.
  • Fixed bug that causes wrong coordinates when importing some svg.
  • Improved import of svg to be more responsive and better undo redo.
  • Fixed duplicate shapes to maintain z order.
  • Further improved on cycle selection to work only when we click on the same point, to be more intuitive.
  • Improved selection of shapes when in cycle mode.
  • Fixed, import of svg when some path points are calculated wrongly.
  • Improved, shape deletion to be 10x faster
  • Fixed conversion of arc to native svg when importing external svg
  • Fixed selection box showing a smaller handle when imported SVG is grouped.
  • Fixed inability to paste imported svg
  • Improved publishing to be far faster and being able to be crawled by Google.
  • Adding and removing links for shape is now available.
  • Scaling of drawing is now available.
  • Added new measurement unit, cm.
  • Fix for Safari browser issues.
  • Exporting a published drawing to PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF is now possible. Load a published drawing and click on Export to use these functions immediately.
  • You can now publish your drawings for the public Internet to see. Click on File > Publish Drawing.
  • You can now search for your drawings, folders and even your teams! In your Dashboard, you'll notice a search bar at the top right corner.
  • Fixed bug that causes paths to be removed due to very small numbers
  • Fixed import of svg where there is blank space at the start of the svg element
  • Improved dragging of path to ensure path closing when begin and end points meet.
  • Fixed bug that causes some paths to be unable to execute shape operations properly.
  • You can now move, edit and delete your stencils on the Dashboard itself. The stencils shown on your Dashboard belongs to you, whereas stencils shown in teams belong to the team. Only owners of their stencils can move the stencils across teams. However, moving stencils into a team is effectively relinquishing your ownership of the stencil to the team.
  • Fixed bug that causes resizing problems when multiples shapes are selected.
  • You can now set Preferences on your Dashboard as well. On the top of your page, you will notice a new icon next to the notification icon.
  • You can now change your language to English, Japanese, Swedish or French.
  • You can now toggle selection of overlapping shapes. Simply click on the shapes until the desirable shape is selected.
  • You can now reload previously downloaded drawing.
  • Fixed offset resizing bug when pressing alt and resizing multiple shapes
  • Fixed a bug with line ends when opening a downloaded drawing.
  • Fixed inaccurate option lists for dashboard's right click menu.
  • A new line end has been added.
  • You can now set linecap and linejoin on your shapes.
  • Version History preview has been improved. We have changed from highlighting the difference to simply using opacity instead.
  • You can now toggle your preview in Version History dialog box. Simply click on the desired version once to view it, then click again to hide your version preview.
  • Copywriting for preference has been improved.
  • A new feature, Templates, has been added.
  • Fix path length extension
  • The printing option will no longer cause an additional page to be added to the printing queue.
  • You can now change your settings in Preferences. From your drawing, click on File > Preferences.
  • You can now manually update the preview of your drawing on your Dashboard. Right click on a drawing and select Update Preview.
  • The orientation problem with Export PDF has been fixed.
  • Grouping/Ungrouping operations is now working normally.
  • Fixed inability to send invites after switching from Manage Access option to Send Invites option.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to clone a drawing with images.
  • Added a Manage Access option to the team settings menu on the team list.
  • Fixed bug that halts syncing when encountered.
  • As you add more and more teams to your list, the height of your team list will not go awry even if you resize your window.
  • Stencils have been re-added to the notification list.
  • You can now send reminder emails to sharees that have not accepted your team invitation.
  • You can now do offset resize by pressing ALT key and resizing, where resizing will ensure shape stays at it's center.
  • A new feature, Layers, is now added to Vecta.
  • A second new feature, Versioning, is now added to Vecta.
  • Improved positioning of text to be more accurate and centered.
  • Improved color picker to highlight current colors in gradients.
  • Fixed bug that causes error message shows up during sign up and login
  • When dragging your folder, you can drop it into a child folder. This has since been fixed.
  • Bug fix for paths unit not showing correctly
  • Unit given by users in shape properties should now persists across different page unit
  • Fixed bug that causes multiple spaces in text to be reduced to a single space
  • Released, symbols listing of all our stencils.
  • Fixed, inability to update stencil name and descriptions.
  • Moving items to trash fixed. No double message will appear.
  • Fixed problematic scrolling in chat box that affect ideas.
  • Added ability to search for drawings, and folders in dashboard.
  • Trashed drawings, folders and even teams will be removed after 30 days.
  • Fix for non-logged in users. You should be redirected to the login page now.
  • In the sharing dialog, when changing from public editable to public viewable, or vice versa, the link will now change to reflect it.
  • When moving folders or drawings alike, your dashboard will accurately reflect these changes.
  • Fixed scrolling issue for trackpad in Mac
  • Added dragging and dropping capabilities to drawings and folders alike. You can select one or even multiple drawings, and move them to another folder.
  • You can now set your drawings as public editable or viewable. It's a great way to share immediately.
  • Now you can draw a path (e.g. a love shape) freely by activating the freeform mode under draw path menu
  • Fixed bug that caused error message shown when moving the most front shape forward or moving the most back shape backward
  • Now you can preserve the aspect ratio while resizing the shape(s) at the corner of the box by toggling the preserve aspect ratio icon at Shape Properties
  • Final implementation of formula input
  • Drawing title will appear in Browser's history for easier access
  • Hugely improved super dashboard with everything expandable and collapsible and speed improvements
  • Improved faster writing of last edited date and ability to sort folders
  • Fixed dashboard loading problem.
  • You can now send a message along with your team invitation.
  • Vecta now redirects you to your drawing/team if you clicked on a share link that grants you access to a drawing/team you already have.
  • Now you can preserve the aspect ratio of the shape(s) using shape properties.
  • Now you can see the drawing's title in the preview when you share your drawing's link to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.
  • Fixed inability to show the join slack form.
  • Improved auto clean up of drawings, to ensure faster loading.
  • Added ability to download a file to your local PC for backup. Ability to open the same file coming up.
  • Fixed inability to show long menu that exceeds the screen using ugly scrollbars, will change to pretty scrollbars
  • Improved the find and replace text for better user experience
  • Now you can have 20 recent colors, so you get to use and reuse color better
  • Symbols and other miscellaneous items not showing in fixed.
  • Fixed bug that causes stencils not to be fully loaded on faster systems due to race conditions
  • Improved opening of automatically attached stencils for new drawings
  • Fixed parsing of strings into SVG that fails to convert namespaced attributes
  • You can now see who is online and collaborating on your drawings
  • Completed overhaul of symbols and stencil. Now changes made even in collaboration persiste well and is consistent, also in prepration for symbol searching
  • Fixed the bug that caused inability to show or hide the search text dialog while text editor is showing
  • Improved Vecta to be able to drop multiple images
  • Improved import of SVG to fix many import problems
  • When accepting access requests on the Access Page, user will encounter a bug that would show an empty page. This has been fixed.
  • You can now choose to export your drawing to PDF. We now have 4 types of file choices you can export your drawing to!
  • Fixed bug that causes problems when too many people is using demo
  • Updated shape locking to be disabled in demo mode
  • Modified landing page to not show editor, for faster rendering of page
  • Vecta will show tips and tricks when loading the application now.
  • Added ability to export tab separated values for stencil, in preparation for importing back to stencils
  • Fixed bug that causes symbol prototype name, desc and tags to be buggy
  • Fixed bug that causes name or desc to be removed when not supplied as parameter in update symbols
  • Your preferences on exporting SVG are saved across all sessions and browsers
  • Fixed bug that causes the downloaded SVG to be different than changes made by user
  • Fixed bug that causes error when setting decimals in export SVG
  • Improved on how a symbol is being made and on sharpness of symbols
  • Fix bug on Mac where copy+paste and cloning is not mapped to CMD button
  • Fix bug in Chrome on Mac where copy+paste does not copy the shape, but the shape's HTML markup into a textbox
  • Changed Vecta's Footer to be more informative.
  • Changed graphics on button from PNG format to SVG format for better clarity.
  • Revamp shapes formula API
  • Initial implementation of dependency and precedency
  • Fix duplicate name property on dropping symbols from stencils
  • Copy and pasting command keys should now work normally on OSX.
  • The footer on Vecta's website updated.
  • JPG files exported using Export JPG can now be opened with Photoshop and similar image editors.
  • Icons on buttons now renders correctly.
  • Properties dialog is now setting values normally.
  • You can now turn the grid on and off!
  • You can now search and replace text in the drawing
  • Improved display of symbols to be sharper
  • Fixed bug that caused inability to export sub shape
  • Improved all export to have true WYSIWYG and sharp all across
  • Fixed export svg that fails to caters to text outside of shape
  • Improved how images are exported and removed the rim
  • Improved export of images to be sharper and be able to cater to thick strokes
  • Improved export where Vecta will now use your file name as export name
  • Fixed bug where refreshID is called twice when duplicating shapes
  • Improved backward and forward for shapes
  • You can now search text in the drawing
  • Improved focusing on input elements in shape properties
  • Fixed and improved on export svg UI
  • Reduced the amount of drawing updated notifications.
  • Added ability to collapse left stencil bar
  • Fixed bug that causes the input field of shape properties to remain invalid when selecting and deselecting shapes
  • Fixed bug that causes inability to undo/redo when shape properties is shown and shapes are selected
  • Fixed bug that causes font-family and font-size icon not being refreshed when changed without selected shape
  • Fixed bug that causes emails to be invalid when sharing teams
  • Desktop notifications will now show more frequently now.
  • You can now export JPG and PNG in higher image fidelity.
  • You can now set the drawing to be public before you share your drawing to social media.
  • You can now share your drawing's link to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Doing so would add a high res preview of your drawing when posting to your social media feed.
  • Improved handles of locked shapes to be styled as gray
  • Improved message notifications for shape operations when no shapes are selected
  • Fixed slow loading of stencils
  • Shape properties dialog box can now lock shapes in place.
  • You can now login using Facebook or Github. Changes were made to ensure you are always redirected to the sign-in method you used when you first signed up.
  • Improved handles for rotation that can cater to zoom
  • Optimized the performance of connector object
  • Improved import SVG from Visio
  • Improved import SVG that have id on groups
  • Fixed gradient bug that causes no gradient display on the shape
  • Fixed error when clicking on OK when there is no selection and no color is selected
  • The problem whereby the selection box does not follow the shape on the same drawing across two or more different browser tabs is now fixed.
  • Improved importing of SVG to cater for all transformations in groups
  • Unread notifications are now reflected on your browser tab title.
  • Syncing of unread notifications should now be more intuitive across browser tabs.
  • Setting drawings to public is fixed.
  • Notification for Mozilla Firefox now shows properly.
  • You can now use your keyboard directional keys to move up and down the dropdowns, menus and wherever applicable.
  • Fixed bug that causes the header bar in home page transparent when we scroll down the home page and refresh the page
  • Fixed bug that causes unable to copy the value in the inputs of shape properties
  • The fill and stroke colours of the results of fragment, union, exclusive or, and intersect will follow the first selected closed shape
  • Improved the fragmentation to be able to fragment some special case
  • Fixed bug that causes menu of shape properties showing show properties although the shape properties is already shown
  • The notifications you read are now synced across browser tab.
  • Repeating desktop notification has been fixed.
  • Your browser tab now shows the team name.
  • Improved publishing flow for easier usage
  • Fixed and improved menu system for better usability
  • Added loading message for fragment, union, exclusive or, and intersect
  • Fixed bug that causes fragmentation unable to fragment group shapes that having multiple level of sub-shapes
  • Fixed bug that causes fragmentation unable to fragment the non-closed path and donut properly
  • Fixed bug that causes grouped shape won't work properly with our vertical connector.
  • Added Trim function to break down all the shapes and paths into fragments
  • Fixed Ctrl-A selection that erroneously selected shapes when in an input element like file rename or shape properties, including rename in dashboard
  • Updated ability to import any svg into Vecta
  • Fixed bug that causes shape properties to be unable to update values if the value is the same as previous
  • Fixed bug that causes Vecta to forget the status of shape properties box
  • Fixed bug that causes shape properties to unable to update values after undo redo
  • Fixed bug that causes errors when non logged-in user is opening a public file
  • Fixed bug that causes gradient shapes to not be able to sync properly
  • Fixed bug that cause text cannot be pasted into a shape
  • Modified the way Vecta save settings
  • Improved editor to be able to save global settings
  • Fixed bug of showing shape prop of text block for single segment path
  • Fixed bug that causes inability to change page unit
  • Added ability to process expressions for shape properties
  • Shape properties can now display and modify text blocks when in text block mode
  • Improved, css and UI for entire project
  • Updated connectors to be able to connect to grouped shapes
  • Added ability to save settings for shape properties
  • Moved ShapeProp to another module for better encapsulation, and added the ability for shape properties to show live values as the user is changing them
  • Improved unit lengths to use default without px unit
  • Added shapesAdded, shapesDeleted, shapesMoved events
  • Removed updating drawing timestamp when opening drawing without updating drawing
  • Added isSub method to shapes to easily detect if a shape is a sub shape in a group
  • Added toLocalAll to convert all numeric values to local coordinates
  • Improved getAllSubs method to be able to skip grouped shape and just get shapes irrespective of group depth
  • Improved status bar selection and creation
  • Improved shape hit test to ignore everything on handles layer
  • Fixed bug that causes inaccurate rounding of values
  • Added pathList method to shape prototype to enable easy setting of path list to shapes
  • Preliminary commit for straight line connectors
  • Fixed bug that causes file renaming to be unable to defocus when enter key is pressed
  • Pretty scrollbars and previews for notifications
  • Initial commit for fragmentation of donut cases
  • Fixed hole problem in fragmentation and bug of reverse frag's id in fragmentation
  • Initial commit for fragmentation of quad and cubic paths
  • Fixed text cut out problem when export as png.
  • Fixed fragmentation not working correctly when got duplicated fragments connected to same point
  • Fixed intersect function not working correctly
  • Added union shape operations
  • Improved notifications user interface
  • Fixed a bug that causes incorrect symbol indexing
  • Fixed a bug that returns incorrect file ID
  • Fixed watermark is now showing up properly in published drawing
  • Changed UI for publishing a drawing
  • Fixed bug when setting shape properties
  • Redesigned algorithm for fragmentation for exhaustive combinations while still below 300ms for large number of shapes
  • Improved publishing function control structure
  • Improved isInside function to detect if a path is inside another for more accuracy anf faster operations
  • Fix text overlapping the boundaries of the sections Create Amazing Diagrams and Get really productive
  • Fixed bug that fails to detect point on path due to accuracy
  • Added speedy gonzales to Vecta.activePage for faster DOM rendering
  • Modified writing of fragmented shapes to DOM for 300% increase in speed, results are almost instantaneous
  • Removed Vecta.activePage.setup and replaced by direct reading of data for consistency
  • Publishing feature is here! User can now publish their drawing (or selected shapes) to the web with ease
  • Improve the design of the preloading
  • User can request access permission to private drawing from the owners of the drawing
  • Adding Remove CDATA option to Export SVG.
  • Added preloading
  • Image is now supported to be stored as a symbol
  • Fixed point in path bug that is unable to accurately detect inside when crossing over parallel segments
  • Added notification for basic functions
  • Fixed saving symbol in intended stencil due to cursor movement.
  • Fix public drawing load drawing before finish authentication
  • Improved joining of fragments for far faster speed during fragmentation
  • Fixed paths inside path algorithm which fails when a path is touching another
  • Completed fragmentation without bugs, minus edge cases and shapes that create holes
  • Fix demo drawing cannot be edit when not logged in
  • Fragmentation of shapes is now 300% faster
  • Fixed a bug that stopping release note from displaying properly.
  • Initial commit for shape fragmentation
  • Public file view only for users who not logged in or no permission to access the public file
  • Fix scroll to the top feature for home page that is not working for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed bugs with closing and merging of cubic paths
  • Fixed sample drawings for not showing its preview in dashboard
  • Fixed Mozilla Firefox for generating blank preview.
  • Adding footer to email sent through Vecta.
  • Fixed wrong pinky shown when rotate after resize rotated selection box
  • Fixed undo redo for texts
  • Fixed bug that causes wrong redirection for login and sign up in the home page
  • Fixed bug that causes wrong cursors after linting
  • Change some tooltip messages to optimise user experience
  • Fixed unable to resize a rotated shape by passing values with units
  • Fixed unable to resize cubic path control point when cubic tool is selected
  • Fixed resizing path subshape bug where the group transform is not refreshed after resize
  • Fixed wrong text sizing when dragging vertically
  • Better grouping of release notes
  • Text positioning to use faster algorithm, about 500% faster and 1000% faster for height adjustment
  • Fixed missing logo in /app
  • Footer and responsive design
  • Fixed footer not working correctly in main page
  • Fixed bug that causes users who have no user name to display rows and UI incorrectly
  • Export SVG to cater to minuscule slant to ensure proper rendering of gradient stroked vertical and horizontal lines
  • Footer to stick to bottom irrespective of content height
  • Created a fancy looking 404 page
  • Paths that is completely vertical or horizontal can now be displayed properly when stroked with gradients
  • Fixed bug that causes reading of very small values in path like 1e-13 to be read incorrectly
  • Stencil menu to have the proper pointer icon upon hovering
  • Fixed bug that causes inability to toggle stencils when clicked on right arrow icon
  • Fixed bug that causes last edited for drawing not being updated
  • Compressed all images for faster loading
  • Deferred all loading of JS for far better responsiveness and page rendering
  • Fixed inability to resize shapes when switching between text block and shape selection
  • Fixed inability to scan for and replace proper embedded styling for pretty previews
  • Fixed inability to read default styling which relies on pt units
  • Removed all embedded styling that is not necessary and rely on default browser styling
  • Fixed inability to insert fonts during generation of previews
  • Enable left bar being shown in dashboard and introduced pre loading for better responsiveness
  • Fixed unable to send emails due to curl_lite problems
  • Fixed unable to send sharing and invite emails due to wrong ajax path
  • Set all static resources to far expiry for far speedier loading
  • Removing drawings that do not belong to the team will return the drawing to it's rightful owners out of the team. This is reflected when you leave the team, or remove the drawing directly in the team.
  • Users with Edit and Share permission can now move drawings into teams.
  • Moving drawings into teams will not make the team owners the owners of the drawings.
  • Anonymous users can now use public files without logging in
  • Fixed exportPNG inability to export image in group
  • Access permission for anonymous to use google cloud storage function
  • Far expiry for svg files
  • Changed minimum size for showing watermark in export PNG
  • Fixed export svg bug that causes inability to export text shapes and inconsistent svg results
  • Default unit set to px irrespective of page sizing as most drawings are targeted for digital consumption
  • Improved authentication and initialization to ensure correct execution flow
  • Fixed bug that causes dashboard to open drawing with older URLs
  • CSS styling for menus, with rounded corners
  • Pretty URLs !!!
  • Fixed bug that causes inability to access images and static resources from app
  • Modified php functions to better differentiate between app and main
  • Removed settings icon and replaced with View menu for hiding and showing rulers
  • Removed pt from fonts and line weight. All drawings to default to px for fonts and line weight. Users can still set pt as custom values
  • Fixed text block's inability to retrieve previous text styling when using undo redo
  • Popup is added to inform user export PNG features is not available in Internet Explorer