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Convert DXF to SVG with Nano and Reduce File Size by 90%

Do you have a need to let your users download a DWG or DXF? The problem is, users can't preview the contents until they download a file, and download a viewer. Plus you may have have several thousands of these CAD drawings. Wouldn't it be nice to show users the contents on your website with low file sizes? Now you can.

A sample DXF converted with Nano
A sample DXF converted with Nano

Converting DWG to DXF

The Open Design Alliance makes a very good converter that you can download and easily convert DWG to DXF. However, of the many converters available online that convert DXF to SVG, none of them work very well and results in SVG that is very large, hardly suitable for embedding into websites.

Converting DXF to SVG using Nano

Since we make the world's best SVG compressor at Nano, it make sense to accept DXF and convert it into SVG for embedding. Before compressing by Nano, we also added quite a few optimization to ensure the converted DXF are optimized with far fewer elements than normally produced by other converters.

Sample DXF minified by Nano
Sample DXF minified by Nano
Sample DXF converted by
Sample DXF converted by
Sample DXF converted by cloudconvert
Sample DXF converted by cloudconvert

Comparing file sizes

  • Original DXF: 1.95MB
  • Converted and minified with Nano: 99.2KB (95% savings)
  • Converted by 892KB (55% savings)
  • Converted by cloudconvert: 1.32MB (32% savings)

The winner is clear, Nano not only produces excellent results with dimensions, the file size savings is beyond comparison.

Do give nano a try, if you need to embed beautiful CAD drawings into your website and bring more value to your customers, especially when we have an offline compressor that allows you to convert and compress in bulk.

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