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Empowering the future of education in science and technology with Nano

July 06, 2019 ·  Vince Wong · Success Stories · Everything SVG · Compressing SVG

When Phil wanted to inspire kids to indulge in the world of science and technology, he looked no further than to pique their interests with colorful stories in his online magazine at provides fun content for kids to learn provides fun content for kids to learn

SVGs was his go-to for illustrating these stories. Drawing his content in Adobe Illustrator, things seem fine and it was smooth sailing.

That is, until he uploaded them to his website.

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Revolutionizing and changing people's lives for the better with Nano

March 26, 2019 ·  Yi Qian · Success Stories · Everything SVG · Compressing SVG

Brusnika is one of the largest housing developers in Russia, building and selling over 5,000 apartments for Russian families annually. They redefined how low cost housing should look like, by introducing architectural and urban innovations that used to be found only in elite housing projects in central Moscow.

Novatorov Residential Quarter, Yekaterinburg
Novatorov Residential Quarter, Yekaterinburg

The team embarks on a journey of changing people's lives for the better by offering quality accommodation at affordable pricing. By prioritizing on quality, the rest - innovations and reliability falls into place.

Staying lean while upholding quality, Brusnika transforms the way houses are sold conventionally by showcasing houses and floor plans on their website, to give their prospects a better idea of the houses before purchasing.

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Supercharge Vecta’s functionality with JavaScript based plugins

August 23, 2018 ·  Neel Singh · Success Stories · How to Vecta

Vecta is more than just a normal browser-based SVG editor, it's especially powerful when you have all the flexibility you need to make the most out of the platform.

Plugins can drastically change the way you work, saves time and enhances productivity by eliminating repetitive work and human errors. It's like drawing with superpowers!

With plugins, you can programmatically customize certain functionalities and features to cater to your own needs and usage.

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How we ate our own dog food and used ONLY SVG on our website

May 03, 2018 ·  Thomas Yip · Success Stories · Web Design · Everything SVG

It all began when we have a small problem, we wanted a small icon on our Google signup button, everything looks perfect, except when we view our website on high resolution or retina displays, and began to see pixelation:

Google sign up button with pixelated G
Google sign up button with pixelated G

Why? For the very simple fact that we made the icon using a size of 16 x 16 pixels. When it’s shown on a high resolution displays, the icon is resized to more than 2 times its original, and therefore causing the pixelation.

Can’t we just use a 24 x 24 pixels icon? Sure, but what about out other graphics on our website? They will be blurry as well. Although we can always upload a higher resolution image to ensure it displays crisply on all screen sizes, then what about their file sizes? Will it slow down our site? Lets look at a typical image we used on our website:

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How to save more time using Vecta's color palette

September 19, 2017 ·  Eleen · Success Stories · How to Vecta

How can we have a color palette that helps YOU save time? What colors do you use most and what colors can help you to be most productive? A behind the scenes look of how we made the best SVG editor online.

We started by looking at how color palettes in other editors could work for their users. It quickly appears that using pastel colors would be really cool, and make our text appear clear and easily readable. So here is our first attempt:

Initial attempt at color palette
Initial attempt at color palette

Little did we know, that not only the palette looks ugly, but we also had to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to adjust to the colors we require, simply because it does not contain commonly used colors. So, we returned to the drawing board, and began to list out what are the possible colors.

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Talking about complex work

February 25, 2017 ·  Yi Qian · Success Stories · How to Vecta

Some teams work on things more complex stuffs than others, and to talk about it isn't any easier than the work itself.

To communicate such complicated concepts and unique scenarios, many teams often turn to technical writing and round-the-clock meetings. Unfortunately, most of these communication offer much less clarity than they claim to have.

In a time where complications are usually mistaken as productivity, we believe simplicity to be the holy grail for effective communication.

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