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Create and manage drawings

Understanding Drawing Permission

In Vecta, a document that peruses our editor is called a drawing. As you continue to edit your drawing, you may find yourself wanting to share it with your peers, or invite others to collaborate on the same drawing. You can easily do so by accessing the Share dialog from your Dashboard or in your editor.

The Share dialog is accessible by hovering over a drawing and clicking on the Share button. In the editor, look for the Share menu at the top right corner.

You can choose one of the 3 types of permission to assign to the sharee; Owner, Edit and share, and View only.

View only permissions in Vecta

View only
Users can view the drawing without the ability to share and edit.

Edit and share permissions in Vecta

Edit and share
Users can edit and share drawings with anyone.

Owner permissions in Vecta

Owners can edit, share and control deletion of drawings.

Choose whichever permission that suits your use case. If you wish to change it, you can easily do so through the Who has access dialog.

Create drawing

Drawings can easily be created on your Dashboard or in your editor. How you create the drawing affects how it is shared and placed on your Dashboard.

On your Dashboard, there are 2 ways to create a drawing as mentioned below. Both ways can be done in Home or in Teams.

  • Click on the Create found at the top bar, or…
  • Right click anywhere within the Dashboard area and select New drawing.
Right click on the Dashboard area.
Right click on the Dashboard area.

In your editor, there is only 1 way to create a drawing.

  • At the top right, click on File, then select New.

The only difference between creating a drawing on your Dashboard and in the editor is where the newly created drawing is placed.

  • The Create button found at the top bar in Dashboard places the drawing at the root of where you are in. (E.g. Home or Team)
  • The option New drawing from the right click menu in Dashboard places the drawing where you right-clicked. (E.g. folder, Home or Team)
  • The option New from the File menu in the editor places the drawing in the same location of the current drawing.

Trash drawing

When you choose to trash a drawing, it is not immediately deleted. Instead, it is moved to Trash where you can choose to restore or delete the drawings there.

Restore drawing

Trashed drawings can be restored from Trash if they have not been deleted yet. There are 3 ways you can use to restore a drawing.

  • Hover over a drawing, and click on Restore.
  • Right click on a drawing, and select Restore.
  • Select multiple drawings, and right click to select Restore.

Once restored, the drawings return to the root of it's folder, Home or Team. For example, drawings from a Team folder will be placed back into the Team instead.

Delete drawing

You can choose to delete trashed drawings from the get-go, or leave it as it is. However, Vecta will clear up overdue drawings in Trash if these drawings are not restored. Freemium users get to keep their trashed drawings for 30 days whereas paid users get 90 days. Drawings deleted are removed permanently and is not recoverable.

Rename drawing

Drawings are renameable on both the Dashboard and in the editor.

When you right click on the drawing's preview.
When you right click on the drawing's preview.
Drawing title's dialog
Drawing title's dialog

To rename the drawing on Dashboard, double click on the drawing title or right click on the drawing's preview. Both will bring up the same Drawing title dialog. You can then change the title and click OK to save it.

Directly changed your drawing title from editor.
Directly changed your drawing title from editor.

In the editor, click on the drawing title to edit it right away.

Create copy of drawing

Creating a copy of a drawing is essentially making a new drawing, but with the contents of the original drawing. Duplicated drawings are placed in the same folder, Home or Team as the original drawing.

  • Drawing duplicated from a Team stays in the team. Members will also have the same access to the duplicated drawing, since the permissions are copied over from the original drawing.
  • Drawing duplicated in Home is not shared to anyone, and is solely owned by you. This is true for all drawings duplicated from those shared to you.

Move drawing

Drawings can be moved from one place to another, and this may change the set of sharee having access to the drawing. Thus, moving drawings are bound to permissions as well. There are 2 ways you can move a drawing.

  • Drag and drop 1 or more drawings to a…
    • Folder
    • Home
    • Team

The dropped destination can be within the Dashboard itself or on the left navigation bar. Allowable destination are highlighted when dragged over it.

Right click on your drawing and select Move to
Right click on your drawing and select Move to
Dialog that will listing all the possible destinations
Dialog that will listing all the possible destinations
  • Right click on a drawing, and select Move to. A dialog listing all the possible destinations will pop up. You can then choose which Team, Home and even folders to move to.

Once you have selected a destination to move to, permissions are evaluated next. Check the table below to understand where you are able to move your drawings to, depending on your permission in the drawing.

Refresh drawing

Vecta's Dashboard view is not real time and thus, items shown will not refresh itself over time. To refresh the drawing to the latest preview, right click on a drawing and select Refresh.

Open and download drawing

Make a backup of your drawing manually and import them back in.

Download a copy of your current drawing by going to the File menu at the top bar of your editor, and choose Download. You can then choose to drag and drop the downloaded file to load it back in, or use the Open option in the File menu instead.

You can only import in files that are downloaded from the same drawing.

Make template from drawing

Templates are saved drawings that you can create new drawings from. The drawings created will have the same content as the template they were created from. This is useful if there is a set of rules or items you wish your teammates will adhere to for newer drawings. Unlike drawings, templates are attached to the Team or Home once created and can't be moved.

To create a template, right click on a drawing and select Make template. The drawing is then rebranded as a template and moved to the Templates section. Hover over the template to see the New and Edit options.

  • The New button creates a new drawing from the template.
  • The Edit button allows you to modify the template.

Organizing drawings in folders

Vecta does not limit you on the amount of drawings you can create, so it is likely you will have trouble looking for the drawing you want. Categorize your drawings into folders for an easier time!

Folders can only be created on Dashboard. There are 2 ways to do so.

  • At the top bar, click on the Create button and choose New folder.
  • Right click anywhere in the Dashboard and choose New folder.

Viewing folders in Vecta does not create a new tab in your browser. Instead, everything happens in the very same browser tab you use to view your Dashboard. This makes it possible to toggle your folders' view by clicking on it.

Trash, restore and delete folder

Similar to drawings, folders can be trashed, restored and deleted permanently. Once trashed, folders and the contents are moved to Trash. You can restore or delete folders within Trash only, but only before the due date is up. All trashed folders are kept in Trash for a minimum of 30 days for freemium users while paid users get 90 days.

There are 2 ways to trash a folder.

  • Right click on a folder, and select Trash.
  • Select a folder by highlighting it, then press the DELETE key.

To view the complete list of your trashed items, go to Trash by clicking on the Trash tab on your Dashboard. To restore or delete a folder, right click on a folder and choose Restore or Delete. By choosing either actions, you are applying the actions to the folder's content as well. If you wish to restore or delete only the drawings inside the folder, expand the folder by clicking on it, and select the drawings.

Move folders

Folder can be moved within Home or Team only. Moving out is reserved only for drawings and stencils.

Rename folder

Changing your folder name
Changing your folder name
Folder title's dialog will pop up
Folder title's dialog will pop up

Right click on a folder, and choose Rename.

Last updated August 2, 2018