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Shape properties and formulas

What is shape properties?

Every field in a shape is editable. The Shape Properties dialog makes it possible to view, edit and even add expressions to a shape. Hide or show the dialog by going to View at the top of your editor, and choose Hide/Show properties.

Shape properties dialog
Shape properties dialog

With the Shape Properties dialog shown, click on any shape in your drawing to see it's fields and values. There are 2 modes in Shape Properties dialog:

  • Value mode. The dialog is always in this mode by default. In this mode, you can remove the value in the fields, change the value and even add new fields. Changing the value's unit is also possible.
  • Formula mode. To switch to this mode, click on the f icon. You can add, remove or edit formula in this mode. Click on the icon again to switch back to value mode.

Add fields

Use the + icon to add more fields be it in value mode or formula mode. Depending on the shape you selected, the dropdown may show different fields. You can remove the newly added field by clicking on the dot menu next to the text area, and select Remove field.

Acceptable units

Each field in the dialog accepts the following units.

  • px
  • in
  • mm
  • cm
  • pt

If no units is specified, it defaults to px.

Acceptable units
Acceptable units

Lock aspect ratio

In value mode, you can lock the aspect ratio of your shape. Click on the chain icon and resize to see it's effect immediately.

Available fields

Every field available to shape properties
Every field available to shape properties

Every field explanation is available here.

Auto increment text

Shapes can have their text auto-incremented. For example, copying an auto increment enabled shape with 1 as it's text will create a new shape with it's text incremented to 2. Enable auto increment through the Shape Properties dialog.

Demo of using auto increment
Demo of using auto increment

The increment field only accepts boolean and regex. Here's how auto increment works:

  • Enable the auto increment field by setting the value to true. Disable it by setting the value to false.
  • Setting the field to true will auto increment the last character in the shape's text. For example,
    • 1 will be incremented to 2, 209 will be incremented to 210 and so forth.
    • A will be incremented to B, ABC will be incremented to ABD, etc.
    • 1AB2 will be incremented to 1AB3, A12B will be incremented to A12C, etc.
  • If regex is used instead of the boolean true, Vecta will use the matches from the given regex to increment instead. Vecta accepts regex with one group only. For example:
    • The regex provided is (\d). The text AA11AA will be incremented to AA12AA.

The auto increment capabilities is carried forward even if the shape is copied over to another drawing, or used as a symbol.