Using the color picker

Vecta's color picker contains an extensive palette of colors to ensure you get to create beautiful diagrams easily. In addition, it contains many recently used colors that reduces your work and yet offers powerful tools to set and configure both colors and gradients.

Single click to set most recent color

To improve productivity, Vecta's font color, stroke color and fill color contains the most recently used color. A single click on the icon, will set your shapes to this most recent color.

Single click to set most recent color
Single click to set most recent color

Clicking on the drop down icon to the right, will show the color picker.

Setting text stroke color

To set text stroke color:

  • Click text block tool icon
Text block tool
Text block tool
  • Select text you wanted to modify
  • Click on the line color icon, and select a color

Using default colors

To set default colors:

  • Click on anywhere on the drawing and ensure no shape is selected
  • Click on font, fill or stroke color and select a color
Using default colors in Vecta
Using default colors in Vecta

Once a default color is set, newly created shapes will assume the default colors, and these default colors will be saved across devices.

Setting colors quickly

Vecta's simplified color picker
Vecta's simplified color picker

A single click on any colors on the color picker will set your shapes to the intended color.

To set custom colors, or customize your gradients, click on the More > button.

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Anatomy of Vecta's Color Palette

Customizing colors

Customizing your own colors
Customizing your own colors

To customize a color:

  • Click on the More > button
  • Click on a color, and use text input or sliders

Customizing gradients

Customizing gradients
Customizing gradients

Add more stops to a gradient

To add more stops:

  • Click on the + button

Remove a stop from gradient

To remove a stop:

  • Select a stop
  • Click on the x button

Saving customized gradients

To save a gradient:

  • Drag and drop the gradient icon to the left

Resetting saved gradients

To reset:

  • Click and select a saved gradient, then click the reset icon

Using colors and gradients across multiple devices

Recent colors and saved gradients you made on your color picker will automatically be saved, so you can use the same colors across multiple devices. BETA