Preferences and settings

To access preferences:

  • Click on the preferences icon in dashboard
  • Or click on File | Preferences in the editor
General preferences
General preferences

Setting the language

To select a language:

  • Click on the language dropdown in the General preferences dialog

Current options are English, Swedish, French and Japanese.

If you see something amiss, and wanted to contribute to languages in Vecta, please visit Vecta's Github Language page.

Automatically resize symbols to snap on grid

Choose this option if you want Vecta to resize symbols from stencils to automatically resize to your current grid.

This is very useful to ensure all symbols are precisely placed on your drawing.

Play sound when chat message is received

Choose this option to play a sound on your computer when you receive a chat message on Vecta's build in chat box.

Play sound when collaborator joins editing

Choose this option to play a sound on your computer when a collaborator joins you in editing.

Notification settings

Notification preferences
Notification preferences

To access notification preferences:

  • Click on the notification tab on the preferences dialog

Enable or disable desktop notifications

Choose this option to enable or disable desktop notifications.

You can also choose to be notified when a drawing is created, renamed or trashed.