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Page size, scaling and units

What can you do to a Vecta Page?

You can do a plethora of actions to a Vecta Page. For example, scaling, sizing and even changing your page orientation. All of these options are available through the Page Setup dialog in the editor. To access this dialog, look for the page setup icon at the bottom of the editor. It is also accessible through our File menu found at the top of the editor. Click on File, then choose Page Setup.

Ways to get to the Page Setup dialog

Change page size

Choose from a collection of sizes from our Size dropdown, or create your own.

Simply select Custom from the dropdown, and a hidden Custom size section will appear. Enter your preferred width and height, then click OK.

Custom page size option with 2 input for width and height
Custom page size option with 2 input for width and height

If you wish to have a drawing that is the exact size of your collective shapes, choose Fit to drawing. The shape's positioning will not change, but the zoom level may be updated to accommodate the new page size.

Choose preferred measurement unit

Draw in px, inch (in), cm or mm in Vecta. All units provided are the exact representation of real world measurement.

You can easily check what unit your page is in by referring to the ruler shown lining the canvas viewport.

Switch to different unit by doing either one of the following:

  • In the Page Setup dialog, select your preferred unit through the Units section.
  • Click anywhere on the ruler, and a dropdown will appear next to your cursor.
Click anywhere on the ruler to choose another unit
Click anywhere on the ruler to choose another unit

Scale the page

Scale allows you to represent real world measurements easily. For example, a page with 1000mm width can be represented through a page with 100mm width by setting a scale of 1mm : 10mm.

You can mix and match different units when setting up your scale as well. For example, Vecta accepts a scale of 1in : 30px. If a unit is not specified, Vecta will treat the chosen scale as px units.

Once scaled, these shape attributes may be modified to fit the page's new scale:

Example of scaling use case
Example of scaling use case

Switch page orientation

You can switch between portrait or landscape orientation for your page. Switch the orientation in the Page Setup dialog, under the Orientation section. This option is only available for preset page sizes. It is not available for custom sizes.

Choose either a portrait or a landscape view
Choose either a portrait or a landscape view
Last updated August 1, 2018