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Preferences and settings

Dashboard Settings

Vecta remembers your dashboard settings so you don't have to. All setting choices are saved so it is loaded back again the next time you log back in. Here are the list of settings saved in Dashboard:

  • Grid/List view
  • Sort by creation date, last modified by me or by name
  • Reverse sort direction
  • Last visited team, home or trash view

Global Settings

As you draw, you may have noticed that the new shape you just created has styling changes you have previously used. That is because Vecta remembers styling changes you made when no shapes are selected. Here's an example how this feature we call Global settings work in your editor:

  • Make sure no shapes are selected. Click on the Fill tool and choose a color. We will call this color as color 1.
  • Now, create a new rectangle shape. We will call this rectangle 1. Rectangle 1 will have color 1 as it's fill color.
  • Select rectangle 1, and assign a new fill color to it. We will call this color as color 2.
  • Next, create a new rectangle shape. The new shape will still have it's fill using color 1, despite color 2 was already selected previously.
  • Refresh your current drawing, and draw another rectangle shape. Color 1 will still be used as this new shape's fill color.

Global settings are always applied when drawing new shapes. These remembered settings includes every tool* found on the top bar of your editor, and is always loaded back again once you refresh your drawing. These global settings are attached to your account, so it is used in all drawings you opened.

To change the settings, set the styles with no shapes selected. You can view your currently set global settings by checking the tool's dropdown while having no shapes selected in your drawing. The selected option in the tool's dropdown is the currently saved global settings.

*Certain tools such as Arrange shapes or Align shapes is not included.


Every other settings not categorized as Dashboard settings or Global settings can be found under Preferences. Update how notification interacts with you, change your language or switch on sound notification in the Preferences dialog. You can find the Preferences dialog in both your editor and dashboard.

  • In the editor, go to File at the top of your editor and select Preferences.
  • In the dashboard, look for the Preference icon next to the notification bell icon.

The dialog has two tabs; General and Notification. You will find miscellaneous options in the General tab, while the Notification tab has every option related to Vecta notification.

Preferences Dialog - General Tab
Preferences Dialog - General Tab
  • Choose your language from these 4 option: English, French, Japanese, and Swedish. If you noticed any grammar or spelling mistake, please feel free to submit a pull request to our language repository at here.
  • You can enable symbol auto resize whenever it is dropped from the stencil to the drawing. This ensure the symbol is always on grid.
  • Toggle sound notification if a chat message is received or a new user has opened the drawing. The sound is only played if a drawing is opened.
Preferences Dialog - Notification Tab
Preferences Dialog - Notification Tab
  • Toggle desktop notification here. Desktop notifications will only appear if you have a Vecta tab in the background and is not your active tab.
  • Toggle notification for whenever a team member create, rename or trash drawing, folder or stencil.